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Description: My slave is secured to the punishment bench, ready and waiting to be disciplined. two canes and two leather straps: the implements of a brutal punishment to come lay calmly on his back; soon he will feel the wrath of each one in turn under my cruel control. i describe the punishment to my slave: i intend on alternating between the reformatory prison canes and the leather straps with increasing severity. i remind him that he is deserving of this punishment, and that i will take great pleasure in delivering it. the first hit of the leather strap strikes his unmarked backside, the sound echoing through my chambers. my slave needs to be reminded that he must thank me after each strike. i assess the first set of marks on his backside, glowing an angry red colour. however, i have a lot more planned for this punishment. as i move onto the first cane, it whistles through the air when i hit my slave’s backside. welts appear in quick succession with each strike. he takes all of the hits, counting and thanking me after each one. the final act in this punishment is the prison cane. my slave takes all of the strikes well, so i continue until i am satisfied that his punishment has been carried out fully. his bottom is a perfect sunset of purple and red, radiating heat and pain. he won’t be forgetting this punishment for a long time.