Inflating Indica UHD

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Description: Starring indica jane uhd (1920 x 1080) mp4 this clip is also available in ultra 4k (4096 x 2160) mp4   indica's insatiable craving for her favorite candies led her to a strange and terrifying realization: the sweet treat wasn't as innocent as it seemed.   elated to find a forgotten pack of candies on her table when she thought she had run out of her favorite treat, she eagerly consumes the entire pack, ignoring the slightly stale taste, as if it is her last chance to savor them. little did she know that this indulgence would lead to an unexpected aftermath.   as she finished the last piece of candy, she feels an overpowering wave of drowsiness wash over her. she nestles herself on the couch, wrapped in her cozy blanket, unaware of the strange sensation that would soon follow. upon drifting off to rest, she feels a peculiar tingling in her belly, as if something inside is buzzing. her flat belly seems to be stretching outward, with the blanket on top of it ballooning like a hot air balloon. indica just can't ignore the discomfort as her belly continues to expand to a massive size. she feels her muscles contracting, and her view was soon limited to the growing expanse of her belly, leaving her unable to see her own feet.   the balloon-like stretching sound of her belly continues to fill the room, causing her immense unease and discomfort. despite her hope and desperation for her belly to stop inflating, it shows no sign of slowing down – pushing her body to its limits and making her feel like a balloon ready to pop at any moment. stretched to the point of bursting, she closes her eyes, trying to will her belly to stop growing, but all she can hear is the squeaky sound of her inflating stomach.   order a custom video or worn goods through akirashellxxx ( at ) gmail . com